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Woodhouse Group Logo

Woodhouse Group manages assets of real property in various categories. Our portfolio includes raw, undeveloped land awaiting project development, and multi-use commercial and industrial properties. We specialize in acquiring under-utilized property and converting the use of such property to maximize the utility and revenue potential.

Regular maintenance and continual investment in our portfolio ensures the support of our valued tenants and customers. Over the years, it has been our observation that anticipating, carefully listening to, and responding quickly to our tenantsʼ needs, lead to a very low turnover rate and this courtesy just makes good business sense.

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Exterior photo of a modern building with a smokestack that has the numbers 132


Health and wellness is a part of Woodhouse Group’s commitment to support tenants and improve their businesses and workplaces. From initiatives like achieving the WELL Health-Safety Rating in some of our buildings, we're striving to prioritize the health and safety of building occupants across our portfolio.

A door with decals that say Well Health-Safety Rated 2022 and "Breathe Easy
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