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Health and wellness is more than just a sustainability program – it is a part of Woodhouse Group’s commitment to support tenants and improve their businesses and workplaces. The benefits of a safe and healthy work environment are clear – increased productivity, decreased absenteeism, greater employee engagement – all of which positively affect our tenants and their staff, clients, and visitors.


As part of this commitment to our tenants, Woodhouse Group has achieved the WELL Health-Safety Rating at select buildings.

The WELL Health-Safety Rating is an evidence-based, third-party verified rating to empower owners and operators to take a comprehensive approach to prioritizing people’s health and safety.


The rating, which consists of a checklist of Features from the WELL Building Standard, helps create a safe and healthy workplace environment that considers cleaning and sanitization procedures, emergency

preparedness, air and water quality management, innovation, and stakeholder engagement – allowing everyone to feel safe when entering a building.

Achieving the Well Health-Safety Rating is one way Woodhouse Group aims to deliver more thoughtful and intentional spaces that support our tenant’s well-being.

A group of four people smiling and gesturing towards a window cling seal on a door that says Well Health-Safety Rated 2022


The COVID pandemic made us all very conscious of the quality of our air we breathe in work spaces. Our team researched and found a product that eradicates Covid-19, bacteria, fungi spores, mold, and other viruses, in an effort to protect our clients, their teams, and their customers.

Our solution? High-powered UVC-LED lights!

Throughout the summer of 2022 we launched a AirProTech System Installation program to improve the air quality in many of our buildings.

We installed these germ-controlling lights in the existing HVAC heating and cooling systems of buildings. The high-intensity lights attack the pathogens by incapacitating their RNA and DNA strands, and dramatically improving the safety of the indoor air for this building.

Woodhouse Group monitors these units to provide real-time, fault-detection information on the UVC-LED performance - so our tenants can breathe easy knowing that their spaces are cleaner and safer for people to be in.

A stylized graphic that reads Breath Easy - UVC air purification system in use in this building
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